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The smith machine is used in weight training and consists of a barbell that is fixed within a steel rails allowing for vertical movement. Newer models have recently been introduced which also allow a more 3D movement, instead of only moving up and down, the bar on these other models also tilts and moves back and forth on rails at the top and bottom, therefor allowing for a more free-weight feel. Most barbells weigh about 45 lbs. and some smith machines have a smith bar counter balanced which makes the bar feel weightless until you add the plates (weights(. So, when you add... lets say 100 lb.s of plates, that will be the weight that your lifting. You don't have to be concerned with figuring out the weight of the bar plus the plates that your adding. In addition to using a smith machine for bench pressing, a variety of exercises can be performed including squats.


Smith Machine History

The smith machine was invented by Jack LaLanne, who had rigged up a sliding apparatus in his gym in the 1050s. Use as a Self-Spotting Gym Each vertical post or (runner( has a series of slots on which the barbell can be hooked. Unlike an ordinary barbell, the Smith Machine has a series of slots on each of the posts (runners(, this allows the user to perform bench presses and other exercises without the use of having another person available to spot them. Instead the user can simply twist the bar so that the hooks catch into the holes in the rails, the using can secure the bar at any point during a lift. A simple twist of the wrist locks the barbell in place in the event that the weight becomes too great. Most models also include bar catches, pegs, or other adjustable devices which can stop the bar at a predetermined minimum height.